DSCA Neighborhoods

The DSCA master association is made up of common elements, sub associations, and commercial property. The common elements are areas within the community that are maintained by the master association. For example, the lagoon, the playground and basketball court, the micro park at Regatta & Mariner, landscaping that does not belong to property owners, and the lakes.

The rest of Desert Shores is made up of residential neighborhoods. Nine of the neighborhoods are gated sub-associations. These neighborhoods have their own property management companies. They have their own set of governing documents but are still subject to the master association’s CC&Rs. They have their own common elements which their associations are responsible for maintaining.
Who to Contact ...

Desert Shores Racquet Club  Level Mgmt            702-433-0149
Desert Shores Villas              First Service         702-791-5888
Diamond Bay                          Terra West         702-362-6262
Harbor Cove                           Level Mgmt         702-433-0149
Pelican Point                           Prime Mgmt         702-869-0937
La Jolla Classics                     Sierra Mgmt       702-754-6313
Ritz Cove                                Terra West        702-362-6262
Spinnaker Cove                       CMG                   702-942-2500
Mar-A-Lago                            Level Mgmt         702-433-0149
Lakeside Center                                                702-869-8800