Lake Landscape Test Area

North Lake Jacqueline Greenbelt Test
We have resumed some of your renovation projects and the latest is a test project. Please take a look both sides of North Lake Jacqueline at 2 possible ways to renovate the green belts along the lakes. The greenbelts are small strips of grass areas between the homes and the lakes. These areas are maintained by Desert Shores, but allow owners living on the lakes access to private docks.

They have deteriorated over the years and are in need of new irrigation lines. As you can imagine those areas are very costly in terms of turf maintenance, fence/wall damage and unwanted grass and chemicals entering our lakes. At this time we are asking for owner/residents input on a couple of options. Standing at the north end of Lake Jacqueline where Soaring Gulls ends at the lake and looking south, on the right side (NW) you’ll see a more traditional xeriscape landscaping with different types of rocks and plants.

On the left side (NE) you will see a completely new ground cover product called Carpet of Stars (COS). COS is a succulent that is drought tolerant (drip irrigation is used), no mowing and provides a green grass look. Again on the left (NE), you’ll see first where flats were used and then further down where plugs were used. We are testing both and to see how long it takes for the plugs to fill in completely or which installation will be more cost effective. The cost would be significantly higher for the left side vs. the right and we hope you like the alternatives over grass.

We encourage you to let us know what you prefer, the reasons why and any other questions you may have by email to

This is the Northwest corner - When you are on site looking at the lake this will be Test Area B

This is the Northeast corner - When you are on site looking at the lake this will be Test Area A

Other pictures of the test area