Community Relations Committee

Mission Statement

To promote and encourage a mutually satisfactory resolution of non-compliance issues within the community with the intent of maintaining and protecting the value of the property and to promote community, harmony, spirit and pride. To review Architectural Review Committee (ARC) submitals as necessary.

Committee Members
Gail Qualey - Board Liaison
Steve Stocking - Chair
Fred Newburgh - Vice Chair
Gwen Christian - Secretary
Tricia Trowbridge
Kristine Driscoll
Beth Jordan
Chris Cleveland

Community Relations Committee Charter

Design Guideline Reminders

The Desert Shores Community Association has adopted a set of design guidelines to assist homeowners in submitting completed applications for consideration.  Any time a homeonwer (or tenant) is making a modification to the exterior of the home you are required to have prior approval from the Committee.  You may find the design guidelines at the following link:

Design Guidelines

Here is a summary of the most frequent items.

Prohibited Plant Material
Trees - Mulberry, Cottonwood, Poplar, Weeping Willow, Olive, and Oleander
* Dwarf Oleander is acceptable
* Desert Willow is acceptable

Xeroscaping rock
Must be 3/4 inch or larger and must be natural/unaltered colors

Artificial Turf
Must be 1 1/2 inch or taller

Prohibited Fence Material
Aluminum or sheet metal
Chicken wire or barbed wire
Plastic (vinyl) or straw webbing
Glass blocks
*full list can be found in guidelines