Social Clubs

Desert Shores has a variety of clubs for many interests.  If you are interested in any of the listed activities below, please contact the club host.

Bocce Club
Club Host: Vee Trevino /

Desert Shores Dining Club
To socially go out as a group and dine at different restaurant venues and cuisines within the Las Vegas area. The Dining Club will be meet quarterly (March, June, September, December). Please click here for general information about the DSCA Dining Club. Click the "Announcement" tab for any upcoming events.

Club Hosts: Charlene 702-901-4214 /
Betty 702-254-6133 /

Flight Club - Flight Simulator

Learn to Fly a Plane! Try your hand at Microsoft Flight Simulator, actually learn how to fly on your computer. Cessna to airbus/747, the cockpit controls and gauges are authentic, fully functional. Photo-realistic scenery, the entire world is mapped, detailed and accurate.
Club Host: Les 858-212-4700 /

Fitness Club
Announcing a new Fitness Club! Come join in the fun and get fit with your friends and neighbors! All sessions will be led by an experienced personal trainer. Classes can vary by participant's ability and availability. Exact days and times are to be determined after surveying the needs of potential participants. One hour classes are slated for 7am, 8am or 9am, possibly up to 5 days a week, Monday through Saturday. A small fee will be charged for each class.
Club Host: Jan 818-749-2821 /

Garden Club:  
Anyone interested? Come join us! We will be meeting the second Saturday of each month.
Club Host: 
Julie 702-595-1016 / or Cheryl 206-669-9785 /

Knitting & Crocheting:
 Meets weekly in the evenings. Contact club host for specific dates and times.
Club Host: Tami 952-288-3039 /

Line Dancing:
 Line dancers do their thing weekly.  Contact the club host for specific dates and times. There is a small fee associated with this club. 
Club Host: Tita 702-586-5842 /

Seniors Club:
  Meets monthly for either breakfast, lunch or Happy Hour.  Meetings will be on the 10th of each month with an RSVP required by the 1st of each month. 
Club Host: Maria 703-475-0698 /

Walking: Walkers gather most every morning, join in and meet old and new friends and get some healthy exercise too! Times vary, depending on weather.
Club Host: Tita 702-586-5842 /

Wine Tasting Club: This is a social club for residents in Desert Shores. We meet at the clubhouse on a monthly basis. Every one is invited to bring a bottle of wine to share. Or, you may bring something else to share to drink. Or, you may bring an appetizer to share. We will provide plates, napkins, and wine glasses.  
Club Host: George & Angie 702-233-5116 /

New groups are being added as residents express sufficient interest and a Club Host is identified.