Governing Documents - Proposed Amendments

Desert Shores Community Association is currently in the process of amending the CC&R's and the Bylaws as the original documents were written over 30 years ago. As a result the Restate Committee has been working with the Association Attorney's to restate the Governing Documents. We hosted 2 Town Hall meetings where homeowers had the opportunity to speak to the Board of Directors and the Attorney and ask questions to clarify the proposed changes.

The proposed documents are available to view below, and they can be printed in the office if you wish to view them in paper format or sent to you vial email. The changes are broken out into 3 sections. The first section are the items highlighted in yellow and those are what are considered Administrative changes (removal of declarant language, reference to apartments, and grammatical errors). The second section are the items highlighted in blue and those are changes to bring the documents up to current Nevada State Statutes (either removing items that no longer apply or adding new laws that have been enacted over the years). The third section are the individual changes Desert Shores is looking to make that are specific to our community now and that will also benefit the community as a whole for the future needs.

There are 15 specific changes that are outlined on the ballot that are substantive changes to the governing documents and how the proposed change will read. The ballot has outlined what provision in the CC&R's are being amended and how it will be modified.

In order for the CC&R's and the Bylaws to be amended to fit the growing needs of the community an affirmative vote of 67% is needed. It is vital for the word to be spread throughout the community as to the importance of the vote.  The Board of Directors is encouraging everyone to attend the Town Hall meetings as well as to return the vote by the required deadline, to be determind after the Town Hall meetings

If you have any questions on this please do not hesitate to contact Cary Brackett, the General Manager, at

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