Vote Now for Restating the CC&R’s

Q: Why do I have to complete this, I don’t have a problem with the Governing Documents.
A: Our documents are 30 years old and changes are being proposed to be compliant with State statutes, improve how the community is managed for the next 30 years, and will benefit everyone.

Q: When I read the ballot questions I am unsure what the change is asking.
A: The ballot is required to be written in a specific manner and we understand that it may not be clear as to what each question is asking. If you contact the DSCA Admin office the staff can clarify any questions you have. Please take the time to review the ballot and reach out for clarification.

Q: I don’t need to vote, I am sure my neighbor will vote.
A: It is imperative that you take the time to vote. In Nevada, we require 51% of the homeowners to return a ballot before we can go to the courts to seek approval to amend the Governing Documents. That is a staggering 1709 homes to return a ballot. We currently have received 26% of the required ballots. It does not matter how you vote, as long as you vote.

Q: Why are there so many questions on the ballot and what does it all mean?
A: In order for any provision of the CC&R’s to be amended and adopted it requires 67% of the membership to vote yes on the question. This is why we have listed the questions out as individuals rather than as a whole. This way the items that receive the required vote will pass and those that do not receive 67% will not be a part of the new documents.

Q: The ballot refers to sections of the governing documents but I was never given them to review?
A: The draft documents were not mailed out with the ballot due to the sheer cost of printing. They are posted on the website to view, they are available to be emailed, or they are available at the office if you require a hard copy.

Q: Will my vote increase the assessments?
A: No. There is no relation to the restate process and the annual budget process. By you completing a ballot and returning it will have no reflection on the current or future assessments for the Association.

Q: I don’t see how this impacts me and I am not sure how to vote?
A: The Board of Directors has approved the proposed amendments to the CC&R’s and Bylaws and they are confident that voting YES will be a positive impact for Desert Shores now and for the future

Governing Documents - Proposed Amendments